Pressure impregnation treatment offers prolonged durability and protection against fungal decay, moulds and insects for the timber in outdoor use or in contact with water, concrete etc.In impregnation process timber is treated with preservatives Tanalith®E or Celcure®C4.The wood preservative systems are applied under factory conditions in large treatment tanks.

The preservative is forced under vacuum pressure deep into the timber. Tanalith®E ja Celcure®C4 do not contain arsenic or chrome compounds.We offer pressure-treated timber products – intended for outdoor use only – available in both traditional green and attractive brown.The products are treated to protection classes H3/AB and H4/A.
• Class H3 / AB – For above ground use, where wood is continuously influenced by weather and watering – fencing, wall panelling, garden and leisure timber applications, general construction
• Class H4 / A – For water and ground contact use
– posts for fences, beams in contact with ground, outdoor stairs, deckingThe brown impregnation is pressure-treated in the same way as the green, but has a brown dye added to the wood preservative solution during the process.

There may be tonal differences because of the characteristics of wood.
For the maintenance of the coulured appearance regular coating with brown wood oil is advisable.